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DIY kit

DIY kit

AllFlesh is a patching system for modular systems. It's a new way to interact, perform and control, yielding new results and new sounds not possible without the subtleties of human touch and gestural expression. You are the patch cords: you transfer modulation, your fingers are multiples, you are attenuation, you bend pitches with finger pressure, you transfer sequences from oscillator to oscillator, you transfer triggers from voices to voice. AllFlesh work similarly to patch cables except your hands act as the wires to complete connections between ins and outs (touching two points). Your body will cause a certain amount of resistance between points and the amount of skin in contact with any point will alter the amount of resistance further introducing instability. Further instability can sometimes occur from radio frequency interference introduced by your body acting as an antenna.  

The size and shape of AllFlesh allows for expressive finger pressure changes, as well as directionalized placement in your system which aids ergonomic considerations, proximity to other jacks and knobs. Similar to using patch cables, AllFlesh allows your system to be what you make it, but with AllFlesh the patching and personalization of a modular environment go much further. Each individual will move their hands differently within an AllFlesh patch, and each individual's skin conductivity is different. These two variables can help modular interaction feel personalized while also literally increasing your connection with and reaction to the resulting audio. It's important to note that the experimental nature of this patching method means that it won't be necessarily applicable to all patching duties. It is left up to the performer to find out what works best for them their particular skin conductivity, their particular modules, and their particular system. 




-Available as completely built or DIY kits of 10 units.

-Immersion Gold touch surface, 11 x17mm

-3.5mm mono phone plug

-Complete version comes in a cassette case

-DIY version can be a helpful starting point for beginners to learn soldering

-Can be plugged into stackable patch cables

-Can be touched with flesh or patch cables

-DIY Kit: $30 usd

-Complete: $60 usd




-For the DIY kit, you will need solder, a soldering iron, clippers, a file and basic soldering experience.

-Use only within one system or rack of professionally produced synthesizer modules.

-Use at your own risk, we are not responsible for damage to persons or goods.

-It is not recommended for use with other instruments or purposes beyond modular synthesizer patching.