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HC-TT and Stereo Field at Electric Lady Studios in session with Jack Antonoff and liked by Patti Smith <3


SEP 25 – 28, 2019

An immersive performance series by the artist, singer, and composer


Arca, the pseudonym of shape-shifting Venezuelan artist, singer, DJ, performer, and experimental music composer Alejandra Ghersi, will return to The Shed for a new, four-part experimental performance cycle titled Mutant;Faith.

Arca’s Mutant;Faith performance will take over The Shed’s Griffin Theater and will include three unique live shows, titled GestationAftercare, and Ripples—performances that can be experienced as individual concerts or as a full series.

Debuting an array of new technologies, designs, and work made in collaboration with a diverse cast of artists, Mutant;Faith immerses the audience in a beautiful, idiosyncratic world of Arca’s creation. An epilogue, titled Boundary, offers a rare look into her creative process as the audience is invited to observe the artist both in and out of character as she performs for the camera during a live shoot for a yet-to-be released project.

Arca’s collaborations with The Shed began in 2018 when the artist performed sold-out evening shows at A Prelude to The Shed, which Brooklyn Vegan called “a primal piece of performance art.”

Recommended for audiences 18 and over

Mutant;Faith Act 1: Gestation
September 25 at 8 pm
Running time: 90 minutes

Mutant;Faith Act 2: Aftercare
September 26 at 8 pm
Running time: 90 minutes

Mutant;Faith Act 3: Ripples
September 27 at 8 pm
Running time: 90 minutes

Mutant;Faith Epilogue: Boundary
September 28 at 2 pm
Running time: Five hours



Production Credits

Landscape, Custom Instruments and Analog Synth Programming
Daito Manabe / Rhizomatiks, Guest Artist and Custom Technology Development
Matt Robertson, Musical Director
Total Freedom, Guest Musician
Carlos Sáez, Co-Creative
Taran Allen, Set and Lighting Designer
Arthur de Borman, Custom Mechanical Bull Design
Shaun MacDonald, Management and Producer
Darryl Natale, Creative Producer
Natacha Voranger, Stylist
James Boehmer for Shiseido, Makeup
Evanie Frausto, Hair and Custom Wigs
Juan Alvear, Nails
Patrick Lachance, PA Design
Maite Peris, Production Assistant
Gabe Schuman, Front of House Engineer
Ikeuchi, Custom Pieces
Monsoooooooon & _vvxxii, Sculptures
Annie Forrest, Photographer
MANSON, Music Video: Director
CSP - Cara Scott, Music Video: Executive Producer
CSP - Gonzalo Hergueta, Music Video: Director of Photography
CSP - Dustin Grant, Music Video: Producer
Kristian Feliz, Styling Assistant
Thank you to Rina Watanabe and Kurara Fukami.

Photo: Annie Forest

Photo: Annie Forest

Arca Performing on the skin feedback dance pole for one of her three shows at the Theatre de la Ville in Paris.